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Title: 2 Corinthians 3:18
1st Line: From glory to glory He's changing me
Author(s): Unknown
Title: 365 Days I Will Pray
1st Line: For three hundred sixty-five days I have prayed
Chorus: For three hundred sixty-five days I will pray
Author(s): Robert D. Toews, Robert D. Toews, Ken Haynes
Title: A Book
1st Line: There's a book that I love
Author(s): Aaron W. Dicus, Aaron W. Dicus
Title: A B C Song
1st Line: A is for anyone who's not afraid to die
Title: A Basketful Of Nuts
1st Line: A basketful of nuts I've gathered
Title: A Beam Of Sunshine
1st Line: Let your face be like
Chorus: Be a merry beam
Author(s): Adeline Hohf Beery, Anthony J. Showalter
Title: A Beautiful Day
1st Line: It's a beautiful beautiful day
Author(s): Mildred Friesen, Mildred Friesen
Title: A Beautiful Home
1st Line: The winds of temptation
Chorus: A beautiful home a lovely retreat
Author(s): Robert D. Toews, Robert D. Toews, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Beautiful Life
1st Line: Each day I'll do a golden deed
Chorus: Life's evening sun is sinking low
Author(s): William. M. Golden, William. M. Golden
Title: A Beautiful Mansion
1st Line: The words of Damascus of long long
Chorus: Somewhere in that land
Author(s): Unknown, Unknown
Title: A Beautiful Place
1st Line: I have heard of a country called heaven
Chorus: It must be a beautiful place
Author(s): Todd Benner, Todd Benner
Title: A Beautiful Place That Must Be
1st Line: I want to walk on a street of gold
Chorus: Golden street and pearly gates
Author(s): Hazel King, Hazel King
Title: A Beautiful Prayer
1st Line: In the Bible we read of a beautiful prayer
Chorus: When the Savior was praying
Author(s): Luther G. Presley, Luther G. Presley
Title: A Beautiful Robe
1st Line: I received the invitation to the banquet of the Lord
Chorus: Jesus gave me a beautiful robe
Author(s): Squire Parsons, Squire Parsons
Title: A Beautiful Sight
1st Line: A lonely night in a starlit field
Chorus: What way for the Messiah to come
Author(s): Suzanne H. Clason, Suzanne H. Clason
Title: A Beautiful Sunset
1st Line: One evening I saw a beautiful sunset
Chorus: In heaven we won't need a sunset
Author(s): Irvin Eby, Irvin Eby
Title: A Beautiful Tomorrow
1st Line: Though clouds today may seem darker
Chorus: A beautiful tomorrow will drive the darkness away
Author(s): Ellis Short, Ellis Short
Title: A Beautiful Wedded Life
1st Line: As you now begin your wedded life together
Chorus: May your wedded life be like the blooming roses
Author(s): Geraldine Koehn, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Beautiful Wonderful Love
1st Line: Jesus loved us so Hedied
Chorus: What a beautiful wonderful love
Author(s): LaVerda Miller, LaVerda Miller, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Beautiful Wonderful Thing
1st Line: Love a beautiful wonderful thing
Chorus: Faith hope and charity
Author(s): Matthew Goossen, Matthew Goossen
Title: A Better Day
1st Line: Steps unsteady growing old hair is gray
Chorus: Better days are coming wait and see
Author(s): James S. Wetherington, James S. Wetherington
Title: A Better Life
1st Line: For me there is a better life since
Author(s): Randy Bradley, Jacquelyn Bradley
Title: A Better Man
1st Line: Make me Lord a better man
Author(s): John Paul Raber, John Paul Raber
Title: A Better Part
1st Line: I may not climb to brilliant heights of glory
Chorus: A better part I've chosen as life's calling
Author(s): Edna Busby Ferguson, Tom E. (Nong) Smith
Title: A Bit Of Heaven
1st Line: I can hear him every morning
Chorus: He's a storehouse with an endless supply
Author(s): John Hochstetler, John Hochstetler
Title: A Blessing In Prayer
1st Line: There is rest sweet rest at the Master's
Chorus: There's a blessing in prayer in believing prayer
Author(s): Eliza Edmunds Hewitt, William J. Kirkpatrick
Title: A Borrowed Tomb
1st Line: They placed my Savior in Joseph's tomb
Chorus: It was a borrowed tomb that they placed
Author(s): Sheryl Farris, Sheryl Farris
Title: A Brand New Day
1st Line: The simple part of living is the part
Chorus: I see the sun peep through the treetops
Author(s): Eddy Raven, Hiroshi Asada
Title: A Brand New Feeling
1st Line: There's a feeling a brand new feeling
Chorus: My days are brighter my soul is lighter
Author(s): Janell Unruh, Janell Unruh, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Brand New Year
1st Line: A brand new year is dawning
Chorus: A brand new year is dawning
Author(s): Mildred Friesen, Mildred Friesen
Title: A Breath Of Heaven Has Touched Me
1st Line: A breath of Heaven has touched my spirit
Chorus: A heaven'ly breath has touched my soul
Author(s): Rupert Cravens, Nolan T. Kimbrell
Title: A Bridegroom in Stable
1st Line: A bridegroom in stable on cold winter's night
Author(s): Butch Wipf, Butch Wipf
Title: A Bright And Better Day
1st Line: Oh soul be not aweary here
Chorus: Sometimes our earthly pilrimage shall cease
Author(s): M. Lynwood Smith, Tillit S. Teddlie
Title: A Bright New Day Is Dawning
1st Line: A bright new day is dawning
Author(s): Donna Hess, Simon Filbrun
Title: A Bright Sunny Smile
1st Line: As you onward go through this world
Author(s): Unknown, Unknown
Title: A Bright Tomorrow
1st Line: We look toward the western horizon
Chorus: We thank Thee Lord for Thy
Author(s): Geraldine Koehn, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Brighter New Day
1st Line: I'm pressing along to heaven my home
Chorus: A robe and a crown my Savior will go
Author(s): Logan Hemphill, Frank White
Title: A Broken Contrite Spirit
1st Line: When the Lord looks down
Chorus: The Lord is always searching
Author(s): Robert D. Toews, Robert D. Toews, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Broken Heart
1st Line: Tonight I pause and wonder
Chorus: Have I been true and faithful to Jesus
Author(s): Videt Polk, Videt Polk
Title: A Broken Vessel Prayer
1st Line: You are the Potter I am the clay
Chorus: Lord you are the potter I am the
Author(s): Frank Koehn, Cindy Koehn, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Brother Standing By
1st Line: There are times to go to God in prayer
Chorus: It may be that he will know the way
Author(s): Adeline E. Toews, Adeline E. Toews, Maxine Isaac
Title: A Bunny Song
1st Line: Dig them out get them gone
Author(s): Unknown, Unknown, John W. Peterson
Title: A Burning Desire
1st Line: Simon Peter went afishing and some others
Author(s): Lydia Wagoner, Simon Filbrun
Title: A Call For Help
1st Line: At home and abroad on life's battle field
Chorus: The trumpet is sounding we're off to the fray
Author(s): Jacob Brubacher Smith, Amanda Motte
Title: A Call to Harvest
1st Line: Up away to the harvest field
Chorus: Thrust your sickle in the harvest
Author(s): Ella V. Phillips, Ella V. Phillips
Title: A Call To Prayer
1st Line: Softly the evening vespers
Chorus: Softly I hear Him calling
Author(s): Clara M. Brooks, D. Otis Teasley
Title: A Celebration In Heaven
1st Line: It's so hard in this life to say a goodbye
Chorus: There'll be a celebration in heaven
Author(s): Ann Phillips, Marty Phillips
Title: A Chance To Choose
1st Line: Sometimes I think how will it be
Chorus: And there I hang twixt life and
Author(s): Jeremy Giesbrecht, Jeremy Giesbrecht
Title: A Change Of Heart
1st Line: A woman vile and sinful
Author(s): Josiah Weber, Josiah Weber
Title: A Charge To Keep I Have
1st Line: A charge to keep I have
Author(s): Charles Wesley, Lowell Mason
Title: A Child At Mother's Knee
1st Line: I'd like to wander back again to days
Chorus: I'd like to be a little child again
Author(s): Ada Powell, Austin Hazelwood
Title: A Child Has Come Home
1st Line: I was lost all alone so far
Chorus: All the angels in heaven rejoice
Author(s): Loren Burns, Loren Burns
Title: A Child is Born in Bethlehem
1st Line: A Child is born in Bethlehem
Chorus: Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
Author(s): Walter E. Yoder, Walter E. Yoder
Title: A Child of God
1st Line: Praise the Lord my heart with his love
Chorus: I am a child of God I am a child of God
Author(s): B. Elliot Warren, B. Elliot Warren
Title: A Child Of The King
1st Line: My Father is rich in houses and lands
Chorus: I'm a child of the King a child
Author(s): Harriet E. Buell, John B. Summers
Title: A Child Of The King Of Kings
1st Line: Softly and tenderly Jesus spake
Chorus: All glory to Jesus
Author(s): Charlotte G. Homer, W. Carroll Radebaugh
Title: A Child Was Born
1st Line: A Child was born in Bethlehem
Chorus: He had a manger for a bed
Author(s): Jack Mainord, Jimmy Davis
Title: A Childlike Spirit
1st Line: As Jesus said so long ago
Chorus: A childlike spirit is what the Lord
Author(s): Stanley Unruh, Kendall Unruh
Title: A Children's Song
1st Line: I have some good news I would like to share
Author(s): LaVerda Miller, LaVerda Miller, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Child's Consecration
1st Line: Just as I am Thine own to be
Author(s): Unknown, William B. Bradbury
Title: A Child's Evensong
1st Line: From the heaven above us
Author(s): Unknown, John Stainer
Title: A Child's Heaven
1st Line: Although I just can't understand it
Author(s): Mildred Friesen, Mildred Friesen
Title: A Child's Hosanna
1st Line: Oh Mother what a large multitude
Chorus: They're shouting Hosanna Come let us go
Author(s): Lenora Penner, Maxine Schartner
Title: A Child's Prayer
1st Line: Holy Spirit come and stay with a humble
Author(s): Lillian Payson, Lillian Payson
Title: A Child's Prayer (2)
1st Line: Heavenly Father loving tender
Author(s): Carl Reinecke
Title: A Child's Thank You
1st Line: Thank you for the world so sweet
Author(s): Unknown, John Bacchus Dykes
Title: A Choice to Rise Or Fall
1st Line: There comes a time while in this life
Chorus: A choice to rise or fall
Author(s): Robert D. Toews, Robert D. Toews, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Christian Home
1st Line: If we want a Christian home
Chorus: A blessed home where Christ
Author(s): Evelyn Jantz, Evelyn Jantz
Title: A Christian's Prayer
1st Line: Oh Father make me wholly Thine
Author(s): E. W. Woodrome, Sr., E. W. Woodrome, Sr.
Title: A Christmas Hymn
1st Line: When Jesus our Savior in Bethlehem lowly
Author(s): Frances M. Johnston, Frances M. Johnston
Title: A Christmas Lullaby
1st Line: Sleep little Child sleep through the long long night
Chorus: Lullaby lullaby Sleep baby dear
Author(s): Mabel L. Roseman, Bentley D. Ackley
Title: A Christmas Prayer
1st Line: As the maiden mother mild Held her
Author(s): David J. Quill, David J. Quill
Title: A Christmas Secret
1st Line: Long ago at Christmas time a secret
Author(s): Marie Hibma Frost, Marie Hibma Frost, Marjorie Mackenzie
Title: A Christmas Wish
1st Line: In our weakness and frustrations
Author(s): Paul Toews, Paul Toews
Title: A City In The Sky
1st Line: A city in the sky shining jasper walls
Chorus: Heaven a home prepared for me
Author(s): Robyn Schultz, Robyn Schultz
Title: A City Over Yonder
1st Line: There's a city over yonder with it's streets
Chorus: Yes a city waits up yonder
Author(s): John T. Cook, C. G. Couch
Title: A Clean Heart
1st Line: One thing I of the Lord desire
Chorus: So wash me Thou without within
Author(s): Walter C. Smith, Fred H. Byshe
Title: A Closer Walk
1st Line: A closer walk with Thee dear Lord
Chorus: Oh for a closer walk with Thee
Author(s): Joshua Zimmerman, Joshua Zimmerman
Title: A Closer Walk With Thee
1st Line: Lord I am pleading hear Thou my pray'r
Chorus: Oh for a closer walk with Thee
Author(s): Haldor Lillenas
Title: A Common Love
1st Line: A common love for each other
Author(s): Charles F. Brown, Charles F. Brown, Gary L. Mabry
Title: A Country Called Heaven
1st Line: Each day I am preparing
Chorus: I can see the lights of heaven shining
Author(s): Janelle Unruh, Janelle Unruh, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Country Called Peace
1st Line: Here so often we follow down
Chorus: There's a cool breeze blowing
Author(s): John E. Linebarger, John E. Linebarger
Title: A Country Church On A City Square
1st Line: In a country church how I long
Chorus: Just to hear them ring
Author(s): Noonan Holliman, Noonan Holliman
Title: A Crippled Boy's Prayer
1st Line: A little boy sat alone in a wheelchair
Chorus: Will I be a crippled boy in heaven
Author(s): William L. Carter, William L. Carter
Title: A Crown Of Life Is Waiting
1st Line: A crown of life for us awaits
Chorus: A crown is waiting a crown is waiting
Author(s): Rupert Cravens, Arthur R. Vaughn
Title: A Crown Of Thorns
1st Line: There was no crown for Him of silver
Chorus: A rugged cross became His throne
Author(s): Ira F. Stanphill, Ira F. Stanphill
Title: A Crown Over There
1st Line: Shall I wear that bright crown
Chorus: Yes I will wear a crown over there
Author(s): B. Elliot Warren, B. Elliot Warren
Title: A Crown Without A Thorn
1st Line: The crowns of worldly glory So often
Chorus: A crown without a thorn A crown
Author(s): Jessie F. Moser, Alfred H. Ackley
Title: A Crown You've Won
1st Line: Well I've been a traveling for a number
Chorus: I'll hear Him say well done well my child
Author(s): Carroll McGruder, Carroll McGruder
Title: A Cry In The Dark
1st Line: There's a cry in the dark with no song
Chorus: Oh the depth of His love for each lonely
Author(s): Herbert G. Tovey, Herb Kallman
Title: A Cry In The Night
1st Line: Souls are longing for light there's
Chorus: At the cry of a soul
Author(s): Robert D. Toews, Robert D. Toews, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Cup of Cold Water
1st Line: We read in the Bible
Chorus: A cup of cold water
Author(s): Janelle Unruh, Janelle Unruh, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Cup Of Rice
1st Line: A cup of rice a cup of wheat
Author(s): Unknown, Unknown
Title: A Daily Prayer
1st Line: Protect me Lord from evvry snare
Author(s): Newt C. Keeling, W. Floyd Taylor
Title: A Dark And Silent World
1st Line: A dark and silent world in shapeless void
Author(s): Lucy A. Martin, Francis J. Haydn
Title: A Debtor To Mercy Alone
1st Line: A debtor to mercy alone
Author(s): Augustus M. Toplady, Lewis Edson
Title: A Depth Of Love
1st Line: The Savior came from up above to seek
Chorus: A depth of love earth had not known
Author(s): U. S. Lindsey, G. O. Dearing, U. S. Lindsey
Title: A Diamond In The Rough
1st Line: A diamond in the rough is a diamond sure
Author(s): Unknown, John Hochstetler, Geraldine Koehn
Title: A Different Way
1st Line: Now the wisemen went a seeking for
Chorus: A different way a different way come to Jesus
Author(s): Jeff Gibson, Jeff Gibson
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