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Book Index for: Praises For Children

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TitleSong No.
A B C Song 13
A Welcome Song 25
All The Way To Calvary 53
Anywhere With Jesus 89
At The Dawn Of Easter Day 122
Away Far Over Jordan 52
Be Unto Others Kind And True 48
Behold Behold 113
Bethlehem Lullaby 80
Books Of The Bible 149
Boys And Girls For Jesus 131
Brighten The Corner Where You Are 21
Building Up The Temple 64
Christmas Cake 83
Come To Bible School 133
Dare To Be A Daniel 61
Dear Father Bless Us 90
Dear Little Stranger 86
Deep And Wide 110
Do Lord 88
Don't Forget To Pray 34
Down In My Heart 92
Every Day With Jesus 33
Every Promise In The Book Is Mine 66
Everybody Happy Say Amen 22
Everybody Ought To Love Jesus 60
Father We Thank Thee 135
Fishers Of Men 41
Five Finger Hymn 65
For Balmy Sunshine 124
For God So Loved So Loved The World 78
For God So Loved The World 104
Give Me Jesus 146
Give Me Oil In My Lamp 91
God Can Do Anything But Fail 87
God Is Great And God Is Good 126
God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud 111
God Told Noah To Build A Big Boat 112
Good Morning 115
Good Morning To You 54
Grace Before Meals 125
Grumblers 95
Hallelujah 68
He Lives 121
Heavenly Sunshine 140
He's The Lily Of The Valley 40
I Believe The Bible 102
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus 70
I Love The Quietness Of Prayer 152
I Met Jesus At The Crossroads 97
I Was Glad 114
If God Be For Us 96
If I Were Only Bigger 62
If You Want Joy 9
If You're Happy And You Know It 69
I'll Be A Sunbeam 94
I'm On The Rock 16
In My Heart There Rings A Melody 148
In The temple 32
Into My Heart 26
Into The Heart Of Jesus 55
Isn't He Wonderful 67
Isn't It Grand To Be A Christian 138
I've Got Peace Like A River 106
Jesus Calls The Children 118
Jesus Is The Same 23
Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know 129
Jesus Loves Even Me 36
Jesus Loves Me 30
Jesus Never Fails 50
Jesus Our Friend 85
Jesus Went About Doing Good 58
Joy In My Heart 150
Joy Unspeakable 107
Lead Me To Some Soul Today 93
Let The Beauty Of Jesus 11
Let Us Sing Together 43
Like A Melody 143
Litle Ones Like Me Me Me 144
Little Baby In The Manger I Love You 81
Little Children Praise The Lord 10
Little Ones Like Me 128
Love My Jesus Too 18
Luther's Cradle Hymn 72
My Burdens Went Rolling Away 117
My Father's House 137
My Sins Were As High As A Mountain 136
My Treasure 15
Oh Be Carefulf 99
Oh Come Little Children 79
Oh Say But I'm Glad 7
On A Christmas Morning 76
One Door And Only One 39
Only A Boy Named David 57
Only Believe 12
Open The Door For The Children 132
Our Sunday School Is Over 134
Out On The Deep Blue Sea 109
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow 19
Praise Him Praise Him 5
Pray Pray Every Day 46
Read Your Bible 44
Rolled Away 17
Romans Ten And Nine 108
Running Over 145
Safe Am I 31
Saved Every Day Of The Week 139
Sermon In Shoes 51
Shepherds Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep 74
Sing And Smile And Pray 4
Sing Little Children Sing 1
Sleep Baby Sleep 77
Song Of Our Friendly Street 105
Spirit Of The Living God 14
Study To Show Thyself 47
Sunlight Sunlight 24
Sunshine In My Soul 27
Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus 8
Thank You Lord 119
That Sweet Story of Old 42
The Birds upon the Treetops 3
The First Christmas Night 84
The Friendly Beasts 75
The Golden Rule 49
The Grave Now Is Empty 120
The Lord Is My Shepherd 45
The Lord Is My Shepherd 147
The Lord Will Make A Way 59
The Wise Man And The Foolish Man 116
This Is My Father's World 98
This Little Light Of Mine 37
Twinkle Twinkle Said The Star 71
Two Little Hands 6
Two Things I Know 63
Visitation Song 130
We Are But A Band Of Children 103
We Say Good Night 151
We Thank Thee Lord 123
We Will Rise And Shine 35
We wish You A Merry Christmas 82
We'll Outshine The Sun 141
When He Cometh 20
When Jesus Comes 142
When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder 56
When To Church I Go 2
When We All Pull Together 28
When Your Cup Runneth Over 127
Whisper A Prayer 100
Who Made The Pretty Lilies 38
Wide Wide As The Ocean 101
Wonderful Things To Know 73
Zacchaeus 29

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