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Book Index for: Altar of Praise

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TitleSong No.
A Vision Of Jesus 5
Altar Of Praise 1
Another Heart 9
Author Of Love 24
Every Knee Shall Bow 19
Grace 17
Honor And Praise 8
Lamb of Glory 12
Lamb Of God 2
Look For Me 18
Love One Another 15
May The Good Lord Bless Your Love 25
Mother-Just Another Name For Love 23
Out Of His Great Love 27
Part-Time Christian 11
Please Forgive Me (Where I've Done Wrong) 3
Prayer Soldier 7
Shepherd Boy 10
Singing With The Angels 20
The End of the Road 21
The Great Divide 6
The Old Paths 22
The Race 13
Touch Through Me 16
Triumph Song 14
Water to Wine 4
Whither Thou Goest 26

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