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Book Index for: It's Music Time

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TitleSong No.
A Little More Prayer 103
A Little Shepherd 80
A Song Of The West 39
A Summer Morning 57
Above The Fields 14
Alleluia 106
Alleluia Christ Is Born 100
An Old Log Cabin For Sale 119
At The Seaside 38
Aurora Borealis 36
Away To The Hills 73
Blest Be The Tie 115
Buds Have Blossomed 59
Calling Me Back Home 76
Canoe Song 7
Canoeing 27
Click Go The Shears 4
Color Me Happy 87
Come Join In The Singing 21
Down In Mexico 60
Echoes Of Peace 48
Every Pull Of The Oar 72
Everybody Likes Love 101
Everywhere I Go 83
Far From Home 62
Fill My Way With Love 102
For Your Gracious Blessings 17
Free 91
Fugar Sings 81
Give Me Oil In My Lamp 95
God Has A Big Big Heart 104
Grandma Grunts 10
Hayride 52
His Sheep Am I 111
Hobby Horse 54
Hold To Your Dream 75
Horizons 74
How Much Is That Doggy In The Window 82
I Love The Little Red Schoolhouse 114
I Love You Canada 40
If Everybody Had A Heartfull Of Love 109
I'll Tell You The Best Thing I Ever Did Do 110
It's A Small World 42
It's Morning Again 32
It's Music Time 1
John The Boatman 12
Light For The Way 77
List To The Blacksmith 29
Little By Little 20
Little Dutch Mina 44
Little Mother Of The Hills 116
Little Wheel A - Turning 97
Lord I'll Be Praising You 96
Lullaby Round 18
Merry Sings The Lark 53
Mister Bullfrog 5
My God Made It So 79
November Day 88
Oh Give Me The Hills 2
One Little Candle 99
Only A Boy Named David 107
Our Father's Dream 98
Peter Cottontail 6
Pull For The Shore 105
Rain Upon The Roof 63
Roll On Columbia 45
Row Brothers Row 64
School Goodbye 69
Sing Together 11
Sing-Along 35
Smoke Goes Up The Chimney 49
Somewhere In The Skies 85
Song Of The Desert 22
Song Of The Open Air 8
Summertime 67
Sweet Rest 16
Swinging Along 51
Swiss Roundelay 58
That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine 117
The Ash Grove 118
The Brave Old Oak 25
The Break Of Day 55
The Farmer Feeds Them All 28
The Foot Race 19
The Glory Train 90
The Good Old Summertime 71
The Happy Eskimo 66
The Homeland 34
The Hunting Song 13
The King And The Miller 9
The Little Old Sod Shanty 23
The Little Swiss Lad 41
The Merry Spring 68
The Night Visitors 50
The Oregon Trail 46
The Patter Of The Rain 31
The Railroad Corral 56
The Rainbow Song 94
The Raindrop Soldiers 78
The Sleds Go Zooming 15
The Tree Song 113
The Wagon Train 30
The Year's At The Spring 70
There's A Bluebird On Your Windowsill 112
There's A Rainbow Over My Head 89
They Lived So Long 47
This Land Is Your Land 43
Thou Art Good 108
Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect Peace 93
Three Little Mice 84
Three Sailors 3
To The North To The Land Of The Pine 37
Tumbling Tumbleweed 33
Up In A Swing 24
Vacation's Here 65
We Come To Thee 92
Welcome 61
Wind Wind Blowing 26
Wise Ben Franklin 86

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